Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last Call

We got to the airport an hour or 2 early so we ate a snack and then where watching a movie on TV in the food court. We headed over to the gate 15 minutes before we thought we had to be there. Then we hear over the loud speaker an announcement for the last call to board our flight. This was directly followed by an announcement for passengers Lewis and Wenzel to board our plane. It turned out what we thought was the boarding time was the departure time. I was really embarrassed because my dad works for an airline.

We just landed in Denver

We just landed in Denver and Charles is acting insane.

I am so punch drunk from traveling that I am/was growling at the motion sensor paper towel dispenser.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Starbucks in really a quaint Santa Fe art district drove me crazy.

Traveling opens a third eye

Traveling opens a third eye to creativity. I thought that traveling would give me storeis to write about but in truth it has turned every thing into a story. By opening up my imagination. I envision a great rivalry between the book store Books & More Books and the older bookstore Books Books and More Books (though the latter may simply me a figment of my imagination. Then we go by this abandoned ( maybe just closed) trading post of horror. I think I hear the spirit of travelers past speaking to me (or maybe it is lack of sleep.)

Friday, August 24, 2007

I just went through Santa

I just went through Santa Ana New Mexico.

road trip observation 1 it

road trip observation 1 it would be really cool to drive the oversized load truck behind oversized load.

So the journey is going

So the journey is going well interestingly San Bernadino County greated us with mobile homes and an RV that reads Elvis is God.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

vaulting since of wanting

vaulting since of wanting
self loathing from fleeting joy

Trip to Tennessee

I am going on a road trip to Nashville, TN. I am very excited but it's a little bitter sweet because the reason I am going is to help one of my friends move. I have wanted to start blogging more from my phone so all the posts about my trip will be from my phone.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gods Amazing Sense of Humour

During the month of July I was a rambling man, I slept in my bed 14 nights. I went to summer camp twice, I went to a retreat, I was house sitting. I got around.This all while my car was broke down for over half the month.

I was on the move doing great things having fun. Then just as the month is about to end I seem to be trapped by in my room. I am self employed so I usually work from my home and Starbucks. Though since I have no money right now do to the horrors of overdraft fees and bad business decisions I don't feel I even have Starbucks as an escape.