Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Airport

They say you can't go home again but it seems like you can and if you had a crazy childhood like me sometimes it gets better.

On Thursday I made the journey from LAX to O'Hare a journey that I had done repeatedly since I was 13, but stopped making when I was about 25. I spent weeks in transit between during my junior year of High School. That year I was living in Chicago with my Dad but since I was rebelling against him and everything else I would use every opportunity to fly back to LA. Since I flew stand by the airports became my turf where I was master of my domain, even though like every where else I had no control it seemed there was always hope and the airport and the chance to get a flight and to go where I wanted or needed to be. So on Thursday when I hunkered down to wait for my standby flight to Chicago it felt like going home again.

P.S. I only had to wait 4 hours to get a flight though I did have to crawl on the floor to get it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Today is the half way point of my journey in Central America. I woke up at 3:00am from a dream where the gir of my dreams was in her car telling someone about her prays for a man. She expressed how she wanted to marry someone taller than 5'11". Which left me thinking about my dream to one day marry her. The thought of how much I like her and how I want to be transformed into the man of her dreams kept rolling through my head. Then I am fearful that she will again become my white whale and that I will be closed off to wanting to date other girls.

I yurn for a woman with a mission mind set and a desire for the ministry and some of women that I know and are beuatiful are literally fleeing from God. Yesterday Blair was telling a story where she asked someone a question about the Bible and then took that as an opportunity to share their faith with here and she literally ran away.

After thinking I decided to read some more Into Thin Air so I could go back to sleep but all it did was get my mind going even more. It made me think of how this trip is really an eye opener. It has made me desire so much more to be a missionary because I see so much more how the world is helpless and harassed. But through the illness and fatigue I better see how much a sacrifice going to China will truly be.