Sunday, June 15, 2008


Since I am unemployed right now school weigh heavily on my mind. I am doing well so far in my Psychology class. I have missed only one or two points on any of the quizzes and I have done all of the discussion work so I feel good. But the true test is tomorrow when my Sociology and my Economics classes start. I really need to get straight As. So I am praying for Gods help and studying like a mad man.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wow There Really is a Media Conspiracy

I find that the concept of media searches correlating to popularity a little suspect but it does seem that the media is way off. The news organizations claim to give us the information we want. That is why they cover car chases, celebrities and it was a big reason they covered the OJ Simpson trial but the aren't telling us about Ron Paul how is some one people clearly want to know about and that is killing if not has killed his campaign.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Coffee Shop Heaven

Joy joy oh joy
visions of my dream girl. blue sky
coffee and a muffin.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wow I am a Democrat Again

It has been since 2001 I haven't even considered voting. I have had trouble rapping my mind around the fact that since since the time of Clinton we have had a two party system that have been moving to the middle on social welfare. Though the odd thing is that the middle it both parties parties trying to help as few people as possible. Then there is the fact that corporate welfare is always on the rise. But Obama has perked my interest just enough to give me hope. So since he has declared him self the Democratic party nominee I am now interested in the election.

Well her is a clip on why not to vote for John McCain.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Into The Wild

The month of May was a very crazy month. I was out of work all month. I had car problems which caused me to have financial problems, because I spent all my money on trying to get my car fixed. So I am practicality penniless. Living on my moms couch.

This has caused me to contemplate my life. It has left me wondering about where I am headed? What is my personal legend? Does God have an adventure planed for me? Am I destined for a life of holding on tightly to the nothing that I have? Will I settle for a life of quiet desperation? Racking up more and more debts. Constantly in and out of work. Or will I some how pull out of this tail spin?

I dream of great things. I want to be a minister. I want to be a missionary. I long to travel the world and to preach the word of God and see it change peoples lives.Will I live a life of impact? Will I settle for a lukewarm existence? Will I live the average middle class life? Will I travel to China or Iran?

But I kind of feel like I am afraid of the wild. I am worried about the unknown. I like the safety of previous experience and knowing that things can't go all that bad. But to live the life I want I must live by faith. Which requires doing things with out having any idea how they will really happen.

Thank you Christopher McCandless. Alexander Supertramp you have been an inspiration.