Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Random Night in Echo Park

I was going through some family stuff yesterday so I had to drive down to Chinatown to help out my Mom. Then after that my buddy Charles and I decided to go get Pho. Yeah I know most people in Chinatown would want Chinese food but Charles and I are phonatics.

We decide to drive over to buy the Court House to get Pho at this place he went when he was on jury duty. Though they where closed, so the siren call of Echo Park drew us near for a while we randomly drove around Echo Park until we saw a starbucks and we figured we could use the Hot Spot to locate a Pho restaurant.

We get to the Starbuck and it turns out that it is inside a Laundry mat it was the craziest thing. Especially because it wasn't a franchise like you see in grocery stores it was a corporate Starbucks. They had the Hot Spot and every thing. The tiles on the floor around the bar and the chairs were even different from the floor in the rest of the laundry mat.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

On the way to The International Youth Minstry Conference ( My Time in Phili)

It was a pretty good flight from Boston to Philadelphia. Though my goal had been to sleep the whole way, but after sleeping for a little while I got really uncomfortable and my body was freaking out trying to get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. Though I probably got 3 hours of sleep on the plane.

It was crazy landing in Philidelphia at 6am eastern time. We ate dinner in Pheonix at around 9:00 pm pacific time and then we get off the plane at 3am pacific and we where every torn over wheater we should or not we should eat again. It seemed like breakfast time it was sunny out the clock said 6:30, but physically it was really only 3am.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the way to The International Youth Minstry Conference (I am in Pheonix)

I am on way way to Boston, for the IYMC. I am so excited, it should be amazing. I am going to learn about God, and how to help the Teens in my youth group and eat Boston clam chowder and this pizza (yeah that what I'm saying) that my coworker told me about.

I am also going to try to got thrifting so I can get scarf. It is going to be in the 50's which I believe is like negative 40 by SoCal standards so I feel I won't truly be in Boston until I have one. Plus any clothing I get there when I get back I can tell people I got it in Boston which just sounds awesome. It's no I got it in Germany but few things are.
The only problem is flight is going to be a crazy. I have only taken one of the 3 flights i need to take. The first flight left LA at 6:00 and took me to Phoenix then we then leave at 11:45 to fly to Philadelphia. The Flight from Phili to Boston leaves at 7:00 am which is 4am LA time. I am a worried that I will be super tired trying to get to that flight. Plus tired all day tomorrow but my goal is to be as awake as possible all day tomorrow so I can get on the vibe of the trip.