Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post First Day of Teaching Jetlag

Yesterday I started teaching. I was so intense.

For three hours in the morning. I taught kids aged 3-5 English. I felt like a character from a kids show. I did a lesson on heads shoulders knees and toes. It was like 3 hours of cardio. Afterwords my throat was all scratchy and I was exhausted. I got to take a nap for a couple hours then I went to teach another 1 and a half hour class. It was much easier. The goal with teaching is to make extra money. Yesterday I made in 4 and a half hours as much as a I made in 32 hours at my last job.

Today I had the day off. I feel kind of jet lagged.  I am still kind of tired from yesterday but this is also inspired by the fact I am watching Lost in Translation. I hope this whole thing gets easier.

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